Contractor Special Security Officer (CSSO) Consultants

Athena Global Solutions also offers our services in finding the right CSSO* that fits all your needs.
*An individual appointed in writing by a cognizant security authority who is responsible for all aspects of SCI security at a U.S. Government contractor facility.

Facility Clearance (FCL) Assistance

We will assist clients with their administrative determination by the U.S. Government to make them eligible for access to classified information or award of a classified contract.

Facility Security Officer (FSO) Consultants

Athena Global Solutions also provides services to support Facility Security Officers (FSO) in directing their organizations' security programs for the protection of classified national security information.

JPAS & eQIP Support

We offer support for JPAS administration to allow our clients staff to handle classified information while supporting government contracts.

Personnel Security Clearance (PCL)

Athena Global Solutions offers PCL support to our clients who have staff members that are working on a contract issued by a branch of the U. S. government where the person has access to classified information.

Security Awareness & Education Training

To implement effective risk mitigation strategies, enhance security posture and protect information assets, Athena Global solutions offers employee security awareness programs which provide government and commercial organizations with security awareness training and education.

Personnel Security Specialists/Consultants

Our Administrative Security specialists and consultants will assist in the process of conducting background checks, processing security clearances, and conducting criminal or counterintelligence investigations.

Records Management Specialists/Consultants

We also offer top of the line Records Management specialists, who will work with your company to manage and execute projects and services relating to the governance of client and administrative data, information and/or records, with an emphasis on initiatives relating to Education and Practice Support ,Data Mobility, as it relates to information management and record keeping.

Physical Security Specialists/Consultants

Our Physical Security Specialists provide technical expertise and operational support to identify hazards and implement countermeasures while conducting security surveys, vulnerability assessments, and protection assignments. They also perform technical security functions such as: intrusion detection and surveillance systems; technical surveillance countermeasures; chemical, biological and radiological hazard countermeasures; and fire protection.

Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) Consultants

Our Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) Consultants manage the implementation and development of an organization's IT security, make sure security policies, standards and procedures are established and enforced, and coordinate information security inspections, tests and reviews.

Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) Consultants

Our Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) Consultants, research, develop, implement, test and review an organization's information security in order to protect information and prevent unauthorized access. Officers inform users about security measures, explain potential threats, install software, implement security measures and monitor networks.

Cleared American Guards (CAG)

Athena Global Solutions offers Cleared American Guards (CAG), who will work under the supervision of the Facilities Manager, to provide top of the line security escort services in Controlled Access Area (CAA) and Mission-sensitive (but non-CAA) Areas.

Construction Surveillance Technicians (CST)

Our Construction Surveillance Technicians monitor all aspects of construction activity as well as the materials used in sensitive and classified areas. They prevent the implantation of clandestine surveillance devices into buildings during construction and ensure security anomalies or hazards are not being built into facilities. This includes maintaining daily logs of activity and events, reporting suspicious activity, as well as reporting deviations from construction drawings and plans.


Athena Global solutions offers top of the line security escort services. Our highly trained personnel will provide security escort service in both Controlled Access Areas (CAA) and Mission-sensitive (but non-CAA) Areas.

Site Security Manager (SSM)

A Site Security Manager (SSM) acts as the single point of contact regarding security on the project or construction site and is responsible for implementing all aspects of the Construction Security Plan (CSP). The SSM will maintain direct contact with the USG Program Manager who will be responsible for project security. All decisions must be approved by the USG Program Manager and the COR. The SSM shall act as a site lead and will be responsible for the overall management and coordination of the contract performance with the Government.

Security Specialist Clearance Processing Center

The Security Specialist Clearance Processing Center (SSCPC) is the entity responsible for providing personnel security guidance and assistance to employees and applicants requiring processing for a security clearance. Ensure all SSCPC inquires (both telephonically and email) received are responded to within an average of 48 work hours and are fully resolved through customer interaction within 72 work hours; while simultaneously raising problematic issues and promoting greater office efficiency to the attention of the requisite managers responsible for resolving inefficiencies.

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